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This photo session features Buttons, a happy 1-year-old Pomeranian. Her family opted to spend our photo session at a local park and the studio. Buttons' favorite hobby is playing with her parents, so we incorporated plenty of snuggles into our session! It was a beautiful day, and we had a great time together!

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How It Works:

•  The Classic Photo Session is the full experience: 90 minutes of session time, split between two unique locations. Let’s play at the park, relax at home, visit the studio, go for a hike, or enjoy sunset at the beach! We’ll create dozens of frame-worthy images, and more importantly, your pets will have a genuinely great time.

•   Your session fee includes $1,000 in print credit to spend on any products you choose. With full access to Allison's heirloom-quality product catalog, you can select the best ways to feature your dog’s portraits: printed artwork, albums and digital images are available.

The Classic Photo Session results in 50-60 "frame-worthy" images. So most clients choose to invest a total of $2500-4000 in any products they choose, such as printed artwork & digital images.

Your dog has enough energy to walk, run and play
You’d like to capture all the different sides of your dog’s personality -
OR, your dog might need time to warm up to a photo session
You’d like to include your dog in your home decor aesthetic
You'd like the freedom of visiting any location(s) you like
You'd like the full, red-carpet experience with Allison Shamrell Pet Photography.

A Classic Photo Session is for you IF:


Includes $1,000 in print credit

1. Get in touch with Allison.

2. We'll schedule a meet-and-greet, so I can get to know your pets, answer your questions and we'll plan for the session. 

3. The session day arrives! Your session will be relaxed, stress-free, and fun for all of us - especially your dog! 

4. Your dogs sleep really well that night. (Okay, it's not really a "step", but it's true!) 

5. Experience a grand unveiling of your fully-retouched photos about two weeks later at Allison's studio, and pick out the perfect ways to show them off!

This experience was fantastic from start to finish. All of it. Every single interaction with Allison was superb. Her method of engaging you as her human client to your pet was time well spent: from the getting to know you and your pet at her office, to the photo shoot and photo viewing party at her studio. I enjoyed the entire experience and our French Bulldogs were more than happy to vamp and pose for her. Allison was delightful, patient and thoroughly FUN. Our images were gorgeous and the printed products were amazing! We get so many compliments on her work! Treat yourself to some Allison love, and capture you and your pet forever with a treasure to last a lifetime.

- Martha C.

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Book your session today!